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TAIsnap2Print Service

This web site provides free, on-line galleries for many of our sports photos. Ones that are available for personal use - normally to make prints.

But we do not produce the prints. Rather we simply send any requested photos to the PhotoBox photo lab for them to handle and you to view / order. All the ordering and purchasing is with them. We do not get involved.

This provides you with high quality photographic prints directly rather than computer printouts. And gives more convenient access - since the on-line print service operates 24 / 7 all year round. Where orders are normally sent out by first class post within hours of your order..


All the original material on this website is copyright under UK law, the Copyright and Patents Act, and the Berne Convention. The copyright of all images remains the property of Brian Townsley and TAimages.com. It must be credited as such unless otherwise agreed.

Failure to comply or to properly credit us will result in you and / or the media outlet (web site, newspaper etc) being liable for its unauthorised use and incurring financial penalties.

Use of Personal Prints

Our prints are supplied for personal use. You cannot reproduce the prints in any form whatsoever.

Use of Personal Digital Images

Our digital images are supplied for personal use. You can produce as many items (prints, t-shirts, etc) as you want for personal use – including for your friends, family etc. You cannot sell, or offer for sale, copies of the image or items produced using the image.

Promotional Use

Our digital images can be used on web sites subject to being restricted in size and carrying a copyright credit and link. This resizing and crediting will normally be carried out by us on request.

Our digital images can be used by the local press subject to carrying a copyright credit and a single use limit.

Commercial Use

Our digital images can be used commercially at standard rates. These images can be supplied directly or via the Alamy stock photography agency



As you can see we do not record personal details for any competitors in the amateur races that we cover. This avoids names being searched. The pictures are kept small for the same reason. And enlarged versions are only available in response to an e-mail request. The downside is that you have to browse through all the pictures yourself since we don’t record any race numbers, etc.

Events such road races are held in public places and so there are no legal restrictions on taking photographs. Indeed all of us are increasingly being photographed by security cameras not only in public places but also private areas, such as shopping centres. However some people may still have concerns about having their photo appear on the web; even if it is small and anonymous on this site.

If anyone does have a concern or objection about their photograph being shown then they can simple contact us on webimages@TAimages.co.uk (or by post) and we can remove it for them. Complaints need to include your name and address along with the image reference (IMG_xxxx, IGH_xxxx, etc) to avoid any disputes about who actually appears in the picture.

If there any pictures that include children and cause concern then parents, guardians, organisers, police, social workers, etc. are able to contact us at any time.

Contact Us

E-mail webimages@TAimages.co.uk for any orders, complaints or information about the pictures on display. Postal address is Brian Townsley, 5 Ryton Way, Doncaster DN4 6PS

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